The Lit District - Scented Wax Melt Care

Our scented wax melts can be used in electric and tealight wax warmers. Here are some safety tips to enhance your wax melt experience!

  • Do not melt on a stove top.
  • We suggest using two scented wax melts at a time. Wax warmers with large bowls may require additional scented wax melts.
  • Do not add water.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for operating your wax warmer.
  • Please keep away from children and pets. 
  • To safely remove scented wax melts from the wax warmer:
    • Place the bowl into the freezer for a few minutes. Be careful in case it is still warm.
    • Remove from the freezer and press down on one edge of the wax and the wax should pop out.